So…what do we use in our solution and how do you go about cleaning?
It is a bio-degradable soap which leaves no harmful affects on plants, pets, wood or any other surface. Water is applied with a stripwasher which is basically a “T” wand and a mop-like sleeve. Squeegees are used to take the water off and lint free towels are used to touch up the edges and wipe the sills and frames. We also use a six inch stainless steel blade made in Denmark and tempered for glass to take of any hard on debris.

Is there anything (you the residential customer) need to do?
No. It is always appreciated having the windows cleared of nic-nacs or any valuable or fragile items but it is not necessary. We first prep by moving any furniture or items on the sills and end by putting it all back the way we found it. Drapes, curtains and blinds can remain on the window. We always take extreme care and clean with great finesse while in and outside of your home.

How do you get them “Sooo” clean?
It has much to do with the technique with which we use the tools. The soap we use is non-greasy compared to some consumer products and puts on a beautiful shine. When drawing the blinds you can literally see any dust that hits the window slide down the glass. And, of course, it’s all done with great love for the customer.